Contact Personnel

Tim Robichaux (225) 922-0878
Pam Skelton (225) 925-4661

For Application Forms to Establish a New Bank, Savings Bank, or Thrift, please contact Pam Skelton at (225) 925-4661

The following applications and notifications may be utilized by existing banks, savings banks, and thrifts.

Main Office - Relocation


Short Forms Requirements (If the institution does not qualify for the short form, contact Pam Skelton at (225) 925-4661 for the long forms)

Loan and/or Deposit Production Office

Short Form Requirements

Standard/Long Form


Exercise Trust Powers

Application Rule (LA Register)

Application Fee and Assessment Rule

Electronic Financial Terminal (EFT) Operations

Mergers/Consolidations/Purchases and Assumptions

National-to-State Conversion

Mutual-to-Stock Conversion

Agency Activity

Articles of Incorporation -- Amendment/Restatement

Certificate of Authority - Replacement

Notice for DeNovo Financial Institution (Sample Publication Form)