Exercise Trust Powers

In order to initiate or expand trust services, a state-chartered financial institution must first make application with the OFI. The application must be submitted to OFI prior to the establishment of this service. Should you have any specific questions concerning trust activities, please contact Review Examiner Chris Floyd at (225) 925-4660. The fee for this application is $1,000.

The following provisions will need to be complied with in order to ensure the timely processing of your application:

  1. This Office will require the original and one copy of the completed application, and one copy should be retained in the Bank's files.

  2. The application, when filed, must be accompanied by an official check in the amount of $1,000 [non-refundable], which is to cover the cost of the application fee.  Please make check payable to the "Office of Financial Institutions."

If you have not already done so, a similar request should be made to the Dallas Office of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

Any questions you may have concerning the application should be directed to Review Examiner Chris Floyd at (225) 925-4660.

Application for Consent to Exercise Trust Powers

Application for Consent to Increase Trust Powers

Updated May 03, 2022