The linked notification form should be used by your institution to request permission to close a Loan and/or Deposit Production Office. Please refer to the linked rule for the specific requirements to effect this closure.

In addition to the requirements in the aforementioned rule, the Institution should ensure that any ownership of real estate for future expansion is in compliance with this Office’s Investment in Real Estate for Business Purposes Policy, revised March 14, 2005, a copy of which is linked to this location for your convenience.

If the property where the Loan and/or Deposit Production Office is located is owned by your institution and your Board decides that the property will not be utilized for future premises use, you should also refer to Part 362 of the FDIC’s Rules and Regulations for guidance relating to divestiture requirements.

You are reminded to return the LPO’s/DPO’s Certificate of Authority to this Office for cancellation after the closing date.

If you have any questions regarding this notification, please contact Deputy Chief Examiner Tim Robichaux at (225) 922-0878.