Information on Establishing a Credit Union Branch:

R.S. 6:661.1

  • A Credit Union which meets all of the following criteria may open one or more branch offices, without prior approval of the commissioner, by giving the commissioner at least ten days notice prior to the opening of the branch office:
    • The most recent Credit Union examination rating is two or better.
    • The aggregate investment of the Credit Union in fixed assets, including any additional investment associated with the proposed branch office, is less than fifty percent of its total capital and reserves.
    • The net worth ratio of the Credit Union is at least seven percent as of the previous quarter-end.
  • If a Credit Union does not meet the requirements of Subsection A of this Section, the Credit Union shall file an application for approval with the commissioner in the manner and form prescribed by him to open a branch office (see link below). If the application is denied, the Credit Union may appeal the decision in the same manner as provided for in R.S. 6:131 et seq.

Click Here for the Credit Union Branch Application