We have received some inquiries about how to establish a “private bank” to obtain an individual authorization or routing number. Please be advised that Louisiana law does not authorize the creation of a private bank. In addition, we are not aware of any federal or other state law that authorizes the establishment of a private bank.

The Anti-Defamation League has indicated this concept is part of sovereign citizen movement whose adherents believe that a conspiracy took over the legitimate government of the United States and replaced it with an illegitimate government. Participants seek to “divorce” themselves from the government and claim it has no authority or jurisdiction over them. Participants assert they can ignore laws and regulations and become a private bank, and that their debts may be satisfied by a self-issued promissory note, which in fact has no value at all.  For more information please read this linked article:


Click Here for a PDF copy of the noted article

Though Louisiana law does not provide for the formation of a private bank, it does set forth legal requirements to charter a commercial bank (R.S. 6:201 et al).  This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Sufficient Paid-In Capital
  • Acceptable Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws
  • At Least 5 Qualified Directors
  • An Acceptable Business Plan
  • FDIC Deposit Insurance

Please call (225) 925-4660 if you would like additional information about the commercial bank chartering process.