OFI’s policy regarding the sale of insurance products has been finalized. The policy and its supporting documents are below. If you have any questions, please contact Tim Robichaux, Deputy Chief Examiner at (225) 922-0878.

•  OFIDI-02-2002 Policy on Sales of Insurance Products

•  Sale of Insurance Products Questionnaire

Questionnaire to be used as an examination tool during an exam to ascertain the financial institution’s level of activity in regard to selling insurance.

•  Louisiana Revised Statutes Title 22. Insurance Chapter 6. Financial Institution Sales

•  FiL-84-2000 (dated December 5, 2000)

*Consumer Protections for Depository Institution Sales of Insurance; Final Rule12 CFR Parts 14, 208, 343, & 536
*Final Rule on Consumer Protections for Bank Sales of Insurance

•  FIL-23-2001 (dated March 19, 2001)

*Change in Effective Date of Insurance Consumer Protection Rules

•  FIL-84-2001 (dated September 27, 2001)

*Questions and Answers on Consumer Protections for Bank Sales of Insurance
*Cover Letter with Contact Information
*Interagency Responses to ABIA and ABA Questions on the Insurance Sales Practices Regulation