Louisiana Statutes (searchable database)

LSA-R.S. 6:853 Closure of a Branch Office (Savings & Loan)

LSA-R.S. 6:507 Closure of a Branch Office (Banks/Savings Bank)

LSA-R.S. 6:786 Relation and Liability of Directors and Officers

LSA-R.S. 6:291 Relation and Liability of Directors and Officers to Bank and Bank Holding Company Stockholders

LSA-R.S. 6:243 Immovable Property

LSA-R.S. 6:121.4 Addition of Directors and Executive Officers of Troubled State-chartered Institutions and Holding CompaniesLSA-R.S. 6:1190 Conduct of Directors and Officers

Please note that the official version of the Louisiana Revised Statutes is maintained on the State of Louisiana Legislature’s website. The excerpted version of these statutes contained on this website is unofficial and should not be relied on when making legal determinations affecting a person’s rights or obligations without first consulting with competent legal counsel.


Loan Production/Deposit Production Rule

Louisiana Administrative Code, Title 10

Louisiana Trust Company – Final Rule


DI-03-2018 Uniform Interstate Application/Notice Policy

DI-02-2018 Investment Powers of State-Chartered Financial Institutions in Public Welfare Investments

DI-02-2015 Enforcement Actions

HC-01-2014 Holding Company Examinations/Inspections Policy

DI-01-2007 Records Retention Policy

DI-01-2006 Electronic Financial Terminal Policy

DI-01-2005 Investment in Real Estate for Business Purposes

DI-03-2004 Interstate Banking

Advisory Opinions

OFI Advisory Opinion No. 1 – October 1, 2001 – Legal Lending Limit Treatment for Participation Agreements Containing Repurchase Options

OFI Advisory Opinion No. 2 – October 1, 2001 – Formal Loan Commitments

OFI Advisory Opinion No. 3 – October 1, 2001 – Legal Lending Limit Attribution

OFI Advisory Opinion No. 4 – October 2005 – FEMA Checks and Check Cashers

OFI Advisory Opinion No. 5 – November 13, 2008 – Correction of Apparent Legal Lending Limit Violations

OFI Advisory Opinion No. 9 – December 3, 2009 – Definition of “Immediate Family” for Purposes of the Louisiana Credit Union Law

OFI Advisory Opinion No. 10 – November 1, 2013 – Legal Lending Limit Treatment of Derivative Transactions


OFI Bulletin 01-2023 Directors’ Examination Requirements

OFI Bulletin 01-2020 Cannabis Banking

OFI Bulletin 01-2012 Political Contributions by State-chartered Financial Institutions

OFI Bulletin 04-2006 Sale and Financing of Single Premium Credit-Related Insurance

OFI Bulletin 03-2006 Clarification on Executive Expenditures

OFI Bulletin 02a-2006 Emergency Preparedness for Banks

OFI Bulletin 02b-2006 Emergency Preparedness for Credit Unions

OFI Bulletin 01-2006 Supervisory Guidance — Hurricane Affected Financial Institutions

OFI Bulletin 02-2005 Clarification of Expectations Regarding the Review of Executive Expenses
(See Bulletin 03-2006 for additional information.)

OFI Bulletin 01-2005 Audit/Auditor Requirements and New Examination Procedures

OFI Bulletin 10-2003 Debt Cancellation Contracts (DCCs) and Debt Suspension Agreements (DSAs)

OFI Bulletin 08-2003 Allowable Expense Reimbursement for Credit Union Officials

► Report Cover Sheet

OFI Bulletin 05-2003 Subchapter “S” Corporations Distributions (Dividends)

OFI Bulletin 03-2003 Risks of Overdraft Protection Programs

► OCC’s Interpretive Letter #914 (pdf file)

► FRB’s proposal to revise the staff commentary to Reg Z (see p. 7)

OFI Bulletin 02-2003 Credit Report Requirement

OFI Bulletin 01-2003 Asset/Liability Models